Prosperity - Spiritual Bath - Dead Sea Salt

Prosperity - Spiritual Bath - Dead Sea Salt

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Essential Oils and Botanicals: Spearmint, Orange, and Bergamot

Use For: Attracting prosperity and wealth into your life, fullfilment of hopes and wishes, invigorating your own energy so that you are better able to create within your life.

4oz Size

All Natural and Handmade Made with Dead Sea Salt

No Animal Products - No Animal Testing

Shamanically blessed with healing energy

Shamans Dawn Bath Salts are an excellent tool for relaxation, healing, and spiritual practices. All bath salts are made with dead sea salt which is highly prized for its therapeutic properties. Essential oils and ground botanicals are added which lend thier own unique blend of healing properties. The bath salts are then charged with prayer and ceremony to give them additional spiritual power. These bath salts are an excellent way to purify or empower yourself before sacred work, as part of meditation or affirmation work, or simply as a way to relax in conjunction with thier aromatherapy properties.
Can also be used as a foot soak.

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