Frequently Asked Questions:

How Quickly Do Orders Ship?

We do our best to ship orders within 1-2 business days. However, since the challenges of shipping and supply chains has arisen with the Covid-19 pandemic we do experience delays from time to time. To date the longest delay time that we have experienced was 2 weeks during glass shortage.

Why is My Spray or Florida Water Cloudy?

A cloudy or milky appearance to our sprays and Florida Water is completely normal. This is because we use all natural ingredients. The cloudy/milky appearance occurs from the tiny droplets of essential oils that become suspended in the water. Some makers of sprays use chemical emulsifiers to clarify their solutions. but we have made the conscious choice that an all natural product is more important to us than a visually clear product.

My Candle Has Holes or Indentations on the Top, is this Normal?

This is a normal occurrence with the type of GMO-free Soy Wax that we use. It happens during the cooling process after the candles are poured results as a combination of our wax not having additives and the tall, narrow jars that we use. Be assured that this does not impact the burning of the candle and is not a defect- just a characteristic of the type of soy wax we use.

Can I Use The Sprays or Bath Salts on My Pet?

We strongly suggest that you do not use our products on your pet. Our products are designed to be used on humans. We can't stress this enough. Animals respond very differently to plants and essential oils than humans do. What is complete safe for a human may be toxic to a cat, dog, or other animal. Plants as common as Rosemary and Geranium can be toxic to cats. Please feel free to use our products in the same household as your pets, but DO NOT use our products directly on your pet, on their bedding, or directly on an object that they may lick or chew. When in doubt consult your vet.