Wholesale Account for Shamans Dawn

Applying for a Wholesale Account

Shaman's Dawn offers all of our handmade candles, sprays, florida water, baths, and Sastun jewelry to resellers at a wholesale discount.


  • You are a reseller who offers our product to the public through a "brick and mortar" shop or an online store
    • Online Stores must have an active website
    • "Brick and Mortar" locations must have a retail location that is open to the public where shoppers can be referred to during normal business hours
    • We are not able to provide wholesale accounts to private practitioners without a retail location
  • You have a valid Tax ID number
  • Orders are $100 minimum (after wholesale discount)

Wholesale Discount:

  • Wholesale prices are 50% off suggested retail
  • Wholesale pricing only appears in our store when you are signed in with a Wholesale Account
  • The discounts will only be applied to your grand total when you reach the $100 minimum ($100 wholesale or $200 suggested retail)
  • Wholesale discounts apply only to the Shaman's Dawn product line (Candles, Sprays, Baths, Florida Water, Gemstone Pouches, Sastun jewelry).
  • Items not made by Shaman's Dawn are not eligible for wholesale discounts.

How to Apply for a Wholesale Account

Fill out the contact form below and in the "Message" section include:

  • Your company's name
  • Tax ID#
  • Physical address of the store- mandatory for Brick and Mortar Stores
  • Company's Website - mandatory for online stores
  • You can also set up an account by calling us at 855-229-7928

After you apply

  • We will review and validate your information
  • We check to make sure that you are an adequate distance from other resellers so that the market is not overly flooded
  • We will add your location to our list of resellers to refer retail customers to shop - we always want to support local shops and encourage our retail customers to do the same
  • We will create a wholesale account for you and you will then receive an email to activate the account and choose a password
  • We do our best to approve you the same day, but there may be a 1-3 day delay to set up your account


**Wholesale accounts will not be approved if all information is not provided**

Because of the high cost of international shipping, taxes, and duties we suggest that you contact our Canadian distributor directly.
Their information is: 
Sansaara Living
Email: sansaara@rogers.com
Website: sansaara.com

Brick and Mortar
Online Store