What is Shamanically Charged?

How we bless Shaman's Dawn items during ceremony

One of the primary things that sets Shaman's Dawn handmade items and supplies apart from other sources is that they are all blessed during shamanic ceremony. This is done to "wake up" the plant spirits that are present in the botanicals and oils in these items and also calls forth the medicine of the healing spirits to touch and bless these items.

Every batch of items that are handmade are individually charged through this process. A Blessing ceremony is typically a half hour long or more. This work is very important to us and we do not rush it. Our relationship to the spirits needs to hold integrity and we do our best to carry this integrity into every step of creating these items for the people.

Another aspect of this process is that our candles, sprays, and spiritual baths are all labeled with healing symbols. These healing symbols also carry their own medicine and are awakened during the blessing ceremony. For more information on the symbols please click the "healing symbols" link in the window to the left.