Healing Symbols

All of the Candles, Energy Sprays, and Spiritual Baths made by Shaman's Dawn have a healing symbol on their label. The healing symbols that we work with come from years of working with the healing spirits and these symbols carry the spiritual "medicine" that our items are charged with.

Some of these symbols come from different cultures and some come directly from the spirits.


Radiant Lotus- This symbol is found in many of the eastern traditions. The lotus teaches us of the joy and power in "being" as opposed to "doing". The lotus rises from the watery depths and lets the water support it. It teaches us to let ourselves float and to let life support and carry us. When we achieve this we can radiate who we are by simply "being".


Spiral Sun- This symbol comes from the petroglyphs of the Anasazi people. In many shamanic traditions the Sun is seen as the "first shaman" or "first healer" of the people. The spiral depicts the natural rhythms and movements of life. This symbol embodies the healing power that is constantly radiated from the cosmos around us and helps us return to the natural rhythm of the spiral so that we can fall back into healthy harmony.


Winged Medicine Wheel- The equal armed cross within a circle is a common depiction of the "medicine wheel". It depicts the four directions, the four races of humanity, the four seasons, and many of the cycles of our physical world. The wings surrounding it represent the embrace of the spiritual beings that watch over humanity and care for the balance of the physical world that we live in. This symbol evokes the aid of the helping spirits into our physical world.


Three Eagle Feathers- Eagle is a sacred being in North America. It flies closest to the Sun and the Creator and carries our prayers to the Creator. Eagle's spirit is a pure one and the feathers of Eagle carry that purity with it. They are often used in ceremony to carry our prayers and the move the smoke of purification ceremonies. This symbol carries with it the pure spirit of Eagle.


Sacred Flame- This symbol embodies the Sacred Flame that we all carry within us. Sometimes the flame grows weak and we feel like we are just carrying a little spark within us. This symbol carries with it the power to fan our Sacred Flame back to life. It reminds us that we all carry the fire of the divine creator within us.


Turtle- This symbol comes from petroglyphs in Hawaii. The turtle or "Honu" is a great embodiement of the earth, life force, and our connection to the ancestors. The turte is the great navigator that always finds its way home. Many cultures also believe that the first land of creation arose on the back of a great turtle. This symbol carries the medicine of turtle with it's closeness to "home", security, and safety. Turtle medicine carries with it all that we need to live, which is the truest essence of prosperity.


Circle of Protection- Many cultures see the circle as a surrounding influence that contains whatever is inside it and keeps it safe. This circle is ringed with four swords. Each sword represents one of the guardian forces, some cultures see these forces as the four directions, four guardian angels, four "world bearers", or four spirit clans. All of these forces are carried in this symbol and with this symbol comes the watchful gaze of these great protectors.


Dame-Dame- This is an "adinkra" symbol from Africa. It is a representation of a board game played in that region that requires great skill, intelligence, and mental clarity. This symbol carries the medicine of a sharp mind and keen perception. It helps our mind find its focus so that we can direct it into positive pathways and see the solutions that surround us.


Odo Nyera Fie Kwan- This is an "adinkra" symbol from Africa. Its name translates to "love never loses its way home". This symbol carries with it the medicine of enduring love, divine love, faithfulness. This symbol carries with it the power to remind us that love lights its own way, it does not have to look to the light of another. Just as when we truly hold love within our own heart we do not have to seek it outside of ourselves. We can then share love with others in a healthier way.