Quartz- Crystal Points

Quartz- Crystal Points

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.75 - 2 inches long- price is per stone

In many indigenous and shamanic cultures Clear Quartz is the primary mineral that is used for spiritual and energetic healing, purifying energy, amplifying personal power, and communicating with the spirit worlds. Some cultures consider clear quartz to be "solidified light" and is prized as a gift from the spirit worlds.

Quartz is a power stone that harmonizes and balances. It is said to enhance energy and thoughts, and purify the spiritual, mental, and physical. It is also said to be a powerfully protective stone, bringing the purified energy in.

Historically this crystal has been used to counter black magic, to perform diagnostic healing, and to communicate with spirits and other worlds.

Clear quartz, as opposed to colored quartz, is associated with the crown chakra, but also works well on all chakras.

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