Charcoal Briquettes- small

Charcoal Briquettes- small

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Roll of 10 charcoal briquettes - 33mm

A foil package of 10 easy to light charcoal tablets. Well sealed against moisture and dust, long-burning and easy to use, these charcoal discs are used to burn loose incense on.

Directions: Light the edge of the tablet with a lighter, match, or candle flame. It will begin to spark across its surface. Place it in a fire proof container that will insulate it's heat (a bowl of sand works very well). After it is done sparking it will begin to glow orange around its edges and a thin layer of ash will form. When a thin layer of ash has formed around the top of the tablet it is ready to place your incense on the tablet to smolder. Add more incense as needed.

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