Bracelet- Palo Santo and Huayruro

Bracelet- Palo Santo and Huayruro

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Our bracelets combines the sacred, healing properties of Palo Santo wood together with the colorful huayruro seeds, which are traditionally used in medicinal rituals and associated with good luck  and wealth, to give you a unique meaningful piece of sustainable jewelry.

These bracelets are uniquely designed by Peruvians Artisans and a wonderful way to celebrate your connection with Palo Santo, while maintaining a smoke-free & environmentally-minded approach to your holistic wellness lifestyle.

Palo Santo Properties: Protective, Cleansing and Clearing, Uplifting and Elevating, Aromatic, Inspires Love, Creativity, and Positive Mood.

Huayruro seeds are believed to bring positive energy, love, happiness, and good fortune to the person that wears them. These seeds have been worn for hundreds of years, even by Incan royalty in South America. This seed bead bracelet will make a meaningful gift for that good friend or for your special someone. It will put a giant smile on her face!

Palo Santo bracelet Wood beads and Huayruro seeds are strung on an expandable cord that fits most wrists.

Each bead is approximately 7-8mm in size

100% Peruvian Palo Santo

Peruvian Huayruro seeds

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