Chumpi Stones - Meteorite

Chumpi Stones - Meteorite

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Chumpi Stones - Meteorite

Although these are referred to as "Meteorite", they are actually am Iron based stone harvested by the Quechua people in the Sacred Valley of Peru.  Quechua folklore has always referred to these stones as "Meteorites", although their extra-terrestrial origin can not be confirmed.

The word "Chumpi" translated in the "Quechua language " translates to the word "Belt".  The word "Apu" translated is the word for "Mountain".

In Peru, a Currandero or Chumpi master uses these very unique stones to create what is called the "bands of power" around a person.  This process can create bands of protection around a person to shield them from any unwanted energy they may encounter during their every day to day life.

Each stone is approximately 1.5 inches in length


Each set comes with 7 Chumpi Stones.



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