Shaman's Dawn

Shamanically Charged Candles, Energy Sprays, and Baths

Shaman's Dawn Product Line

  • Intention Candles- GMO Free Soy Wax
  • Energy Clearing Sprays
  • Spiritual Baths with Dead Sea Salt

All of our products are "Shamanically Charged", meaning that they are blessed during shamanic ceremony to imbue them with healing energy and wake up the plant spirits of the botanicals present in our products.

Product Line


The Shaman's Tent

  • Private Practice of Adam Kane & Al Romao
  • Shamanic Ceremonies
  • Classes and Workshops
  • Private Sessions and Shamanic Counseling
  • Located in Saugerties, NY

The Shaman's Tent 


Shamanic Practitioner Referrals 

  • Practitioners in the North East United States
  • Trained by Adam Kane and Al Romao
  • Completed the 2-Year Apprenticeship Program

Alphabetical list of practitioners including contact information and modalities that they work with

Practitioner Referrals