Sastun Pendant - Healers Jade
Sastun Pendant - Healers Jade
Sastun Pendant - Healers Jade
Sastun Pendant - Healers Jade
Sastun Pendant - Healers Jade
Sastun Pendant - Healers Jade
Sastun Pendant - Healers Jade

Sastun Pendant - Healers Jade

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Pendant Length: 1.25 inches long
Bail: Sterling Silver
Minerals: Sastun® embedded with Jade, Pyrite, Green Quartz, Gold Mica.
Intention: Supports healers, aligns with life energy, protects during healing work

Our Freeform Pendants are cut from blocks of solid Sastun® which has been embedded with other gemstones and then hand polished while holding sacred intention for the healing and well-being of the wearer.

Healer's Jade- Jade and Pyrite are two of the stones revered by Mayan traditions for their spiritual power and have been commonly used in shamanic ceremony and healing practices.
These Sastun® pendants have been created to fortify and empower those who engage in the healing arts. Jade conveys the sacred energy of precious life force and Pyrite helps in shielding the practitioner while encountering the energies of sickness and disease.

Each pendant comes with an information card.

Stone of Light- "Sastun" is an ancient term from the Mayan traditions. In the Yucatec language the word for light is "sas" and the word for stone is "tun". So "Sastun" refers to a "stone of light".
Sastun® pendants collect vital life energy, amplify and balance it, and then radiate it outward into our aura for healing, vitalization, and purification of the auric field and energy centers. One of the most amazing qualities of Sastun® pendants is that they absorb light and photons and then they glow- radiating that collected energy back out in an amplified and purified form.

Vital life energy- Also known as chi, qi, prana, sok, ch'ulel and sekhem. This is the energy that permeates all life, it moves and flows through the entire cosmos. When we have an abundance of balanced and clear energy we experience good health, clarity of mind, and strength of soul. A Sastun® is constantly collecting this energy from the cosmos and redistributing it within our auric field.

Light- perhaps one of the most common metaphors within spiritual practices is the association between light and spiritual essence. We visualize healing and spiritual energies as light, the presence of the divine is often experienced as a light, and when experiencing our highest self we see it as a bright light. A Sastun® absorbs light from all around- from the sun, stars, and cosmos- and enables us to tap into this sacred light. In this way it helps us in connecting to the cosmos and heavenly realms. A Sastun® can glow for up to 8 hours in darkness, depending on how much light it has absorbed through the day.

Composition- Each Sastun® is handmade by Adam Kane (co-owner of Shaman's Dawn and shamanic practitioner). They are made with naturally occurring quartz crystals and minerals. These crystals are crushed into small chunks and then blended with photoluminescent rare-earth elements. The crystals and rare earth elements are then bonded together with a plant derived resin to create an amalgamated stone. The amalgamated stones are then cut and polished for pendants.
The rare-earth elements used are mineral crystals that possess the unique capacity to absorb and store energy from sunlight and ambient light. In darkness, the crystals instantly begin to emit a luminous glow by releasing the stored light energy. These rare-earth mineral crystals are non-radioactive and include elements from the lanthanide.
Another component of these stones is that due to the way the plant resins contract as they harden there is a constant pressure placed on the quartz crystals which activates their natural piezoelectric properties. Quartz naturally emits a pulse and electrical charge when pressure is exerted on it- so the quartz is also physically energized by this process.
The creation process of the Sastun® stones has been guided by the spirits and pulls heavily from Adam’s shamanic practices. Each Sastun® is energetically charged and blessed during shamanic ceremony and the creation process is done in a sacred way, with clear intention, accompanied by medicine songs.

Care Instructions: Sastun® stones are created with plant based resins which can be more sensitive than their synthetic based counterparts- so they do need some extra care.
Physical Cleaning- Use only water and mild detergent to clean your pendant and then immediately dry it to prevent tarnishing on metal components.
Do not expose to any solvents such as acetone, alcohol, harsh cleaning products, jewelry polish, etc.
Energetic Clearing- Place your Sastun® in direct sunlight for anywhere from 10 minutes to a full day to fully activate its self-clearing properties and recharge its inherent energies.

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