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Firefly Stone - Acorn Pendant

Firefly Stone Pendant set in an acorn shell
without cord or chain - pendant only

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This pendant is made with Firefly Stone set in an acrorn shell with a copper bail for hanging on a cord or chain. The acorn shell has been wild-harvested and is varnished. Each pendant comes with an information card.

Firefly Stone collects vital life energy, amplifies and balances it, and then radiates it outward into our aura for healing, vitalization, and purification of the auric field and energy centers. One of the most amazing qualities of Firefly Stone is that it absorbs light and photons and then it glows.

Vital life energy- Also known as chi, qi, prana, and sekhem. This is the energy that permeates all life, it moves and flows through the entire cosmos. When we have an abundance of balanced and clear energy we experience good health, clarity of mind, and strength of soul. Firefly Stone is constantly collecting this energy from the cosmos and redistributing it within our auric field.

Light- perhaps one of the most common metaphors within spiritual practices is the association between light and spiritual essence. We visualize healing and spiritual energies as light, the presence of the divine is often experienced as a light, and when experiencing our highest self we see it is a bright light. Firefly Stone absorbs light from all around- from the sun, stars, and cosmos- and enables us to tap into this sacred light. In this way it helps us in connecting to the cosmos and heavenly realms.

Composition- Firefly Stone is an amalgamation of green quartz, fluorite, and phosphorescent rare earth elements in a matrix of plant based resin. Due to the alchemical process in which Firefly Stone is created there is a constant pressure placed upon the quartz crystals which activates their piezoelectric properties- furthering its energizing abilities.

The pictures that you see are typical of the quality of our Firefly Stones™.  We are not able to photograph every stone available. Since each stone is unique, there may be variances from the photos.