Shamans Dawn FAQ

How do I use the Spiritual Bath Salts?

We suggest adding 1-4 Tablesppons to a bathtub of warm water. The amount that you use is up to you depending on personal preference. Our baths contain about 16 tablespoons, so you should get between 2 and 16 uses depending on how strong you make the bath.

Once your bath is prepared soak in it- anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour. During this time focus on your intention- breath in the scent of the herbs and essential oils in the bath and let them add strength to your intentions. Also use this time to gain inspiration or guidance on how to participate in your intention through actions that you can take in your life.

When you feel complete open the drain on the tub but remain in the bath. Visualize anything that is not needed or that is standing in your way draining from you and into the water that is slowly draining from the tub. As the last bit of water goes down from the drain give yourself full permission to be free from the old energies that you released in the bath.

Can I use the Spiritual Baths if I do not have a bath tub?

Yes, you can use the spiritual bath salts if you do not have a bathtub. We normally suggest either using them as a foot soak or as a rinse in the shower.

For a foot soak-get a bowl or dish pan large enough to place your feet in. Add a teaspoon to a tablespoon of the salts and fill with warm water. This is ideal to place your feet in for a relaxing foot bath while meditating on your intention. When you feel complete with your process visualize any unneeded energy draining from you into the water and then pour the water down the drain.

For a rinse in the shower-dissolve 1 teaspoon of the bath salts in a container or bowl of water.shower as normal while staying focused on your intention and end that process by pouring the bath salt solution over you to rinse. You can also focus on your intention while preparing the rinse and visualizing the energy of your intentions going in to that rinse before the shower.

How do I use the Energy Sprays?

We always suggest that the sprays are used in conjunction with prayer or blessing. I suggest to just take a deep breath, center yourself, and speak from your heart instead of repeating the words of a prayer or blessing written by someone else. Focus on your intention from a place that comes from your center as opposed to mental thought.
After the prayer give a few spritzes of the spray to create a cloud of mist and either fan that over yourself, or fan it outward through your home, space, or place of business.

How do I use the Intention Candles?

We suggest working with the candles by saying a prayer asking for spiritual help in making the changes that you are hoping for. Then light the candle and sit with it for a little while (as short as 10 minutes or as long as an hour) while staying open and contemplating how you can participate and take action in shifting what needs to change in your life. Extinguish the candle and repeat that process another time. It is good to do this often (the candles last a while when used this way) and to use the time to ask for spiritual aid as well as seek inspiration for your participation in the shift.